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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions:

Our office will be able to assist you with all of your residential or commercial property buying and selling needs. We represent buyers, sellers, and lenders. So, whether you need a sales contract drafted, legal documents reviewed before closing on a home, or closing services, we will be able to help.

Title Insurance and Closings:

Title insurance is one of the most important provisions in a real estate sales contract as it protects buyers and lenders from defects in title that may not be known at the time of closing, but nonetheless, do exist and may affect title to the property in the future. The ability to procure title insurance is very important because a buyer’s lender will generally require a title insurance policy when issuing the buyer a loan. Even if a buyer pays cash for a property, the buyer will still likely insist on a title insurance policy being issued at closing to protect his or her investment.

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